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If you could only eat ONE food for every meal, for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Here are the answers from our staff.

Rufus - Office dog, head of security and antisquirrel activity: Squirrel!  Or maybe kibble (I've never actually HAD squirrel.  I tried but those little buggers are so fast!). Kibble.  No! Squirrel.  Definitely squirrel!

Dawn - Billing: Filet mignon

Diana - fill in Spanish interpreter: Pizza with everything. The works.

Crystal - Saturday part time front office: Peaches

Annie - Maintenance: Mustard greens

Rebecca - P.A. : Macaroni and cheese


Kim Phillips - reception: Spaghetti 


Nora - Reception:  Mashed potatoes


Sherry Rickett - CNA : Pasta


 Calista Shepherd - LPN:  Enchiladas


 Nicholette Cromartie - Office Manager/CNA:  Collard Sandwich


Dr. Matthews - Physician: Easy - Cherry flavored Pez





Rufus - office dog nosing in again: I did say "squirrel" didn't I?