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Trivia & Nonsense - Can you tell the difference?  Laughing

Are the following Trivia (true) or Nonsense ?  Answers below.

1.Dr. Matthews has read the entire Bible over 50 times.

2.Office manager Nikki has a horse named "Snickers."

3.Dr.Matthews is on his third marriage.  His first wife died tragically after eating poison mushrooms.  His second wife died from head injuries (she wouldn't eat the mushrooms).

4.Billing supervisor Dawn's hobby is making tasty gelatin desserts.

5.Dr. Matthews has no TV at home.

6.CNA Sherry teaches Chinese braille to blind albinos.

7.Dr. Matthews does several impossible things almost every day.

8.Dr. Matthews is a former dictator of China.

9.Dr. Matthews' wife, Diana, is one of the smartest women in the world.

10.Kim can burp the alphabet.
 11.Nikki Cromartie eats berry flavored TUMS antacid relief tablets for dessert

12.Fall is Sherry's favorite season 

13.Ryan, Dr. Matthews's son, slept with the dog, Rufus.

14. Spanish interpreter, Luis has strong opinions about the military ("Rather than building new, bigger and better weapons of mass destruction, we ought to First, concentrate on getting more use out of those we already have").

15.As a small child,Dr. Matthews made a list of all the things he wanted to do when he grew up.  That list included the following: preach, be a doctor, be a Navy officer, work at Krispy Kreme doughnuts, work at McDonalds (because his Dad worked there),work at a toy factory (what child wouldn't?) and be a skydiver. If true,he did all but one.  Is this alleged list "trivia" or "nonsense"? If trivia, which goal has he not yet met?

16.Sherry Hayes is an awesome phlebotomist
17.In medical school, Dr Matthews double majored in umbilicus and spleen.

18.Dr Matthews prays for his staff and patients on a daily basis.
19.Kim lived in Orlando and had a chance to play one of the 7 dwarves.
20.Dr. Matthews'son Ryan was born at a gestational age when abortions are done.

21.PA Rebecca Mansfield collects stamped pennies from the places she visits that have those penny machines. 
22.CNA Sherry Hayes is undefeated in Kickboxing, and female sumo wresting.

23.Dawn is afraid of butterflies.
24. When she was a little girl, Kim Phillip's hair was red and as curly as Shirley Temples' hair
25. PA Becky is afraid of clowns, porcelain dolls, and spiders 
26. PA Becky has lived in 6 different states.
27. PA Becky has been swimming with sharks.
28. PA Becky has ridden 50 miles on a bicycle.
29. LPN Calista was in the army.
30. LPN Calista has 3 grandchildren. 
31. Dr. Matthews' son, Ryan is now a bachelor sumo wrestler. 


1.Trivia -  Although Dr. Matthews generally avoids sugar, everytime he finishes the entire Bible, he treats himself to a banana split (the only time he ever eats one).  If you see him eating a banana split, congratulate him.

2.Nonsense.  That is the name of a candy bar.

3.Nonsense. Dr. Matthews has been married to the same wonderful woman since August, 1985.  It is a first marriage for both of these college sweethearts.  At the time of this writing, Dr.Matthews has been happily married over 31 years. Diana, on the other hand has been happily married 2 of these years (the operative word is "happily").

4.Nonsense - Her hobby is actually collecting potatoes that look like famous people. "The number that I have that look just like Mr Potato Head ALONE is astounding!"

5.Trivia- Dr. Matthews learned in college that he does not have time for television.  His son has been raised without it. For years he rented a TV in December so the family could watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas," Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, etc. Finally, he realized that with the rental $ he spent, he could've purchased a dozen TV's.  He finally purchased one for special occasion use (CHRISTmas time, Olympics)but it is generally locked up in the office and not at the house.

6.Nonsense.  She actually teaches stewardesses that difficult part about the seat belts that they have to review on airplanes.

7.Trivia - Dr. Matthews can pull things from people's ears, make things float, cause objects to travel invisibly through the air etc.  He has been a magician since the early 1990's.

8.NONSENSE - Every school child knows the Chinese dictators through the twentieth century*. Dr. Matthews is actually the former dictator of Indonesia (a job he gave up to have more time with the portion of his family that survived his regime).

9. Unarguably accurate trivia.  Diana is so smart she knows some things that aren't even true. Dr. Matthews is of the opinion that the husband should always be just a liiiittle bit smarter than the wife in order for a marriage to succeed.  There is widespread speculation, therefore, that Dr. Matthews may, in fact, be the only man in the US that could've married her. 

10.Nonsense - She has never tried however. Perhaps if she had a diet coke first.

11.Trivia. TUMS is the thing she goes to when she has a sweet craving. 


13. Trivia - Rufus indeed slept with Ryan.  The only problem with this arrangement was that after a while the dog started to smell more and more like Ryan.  We had to wash the dog more often.

14.Nonsense - He WAS however, upset that the gun shop would not loan him a taser for a few days to "make sure it works well" before buying it.

15. Trivia - Dr. Matthews did make such a list as a small child (at that age, he was known as the less formal, "Doc").  If you guessed skydiver, you are wrong.  He was probably the youngest licensed skydiver in the country at age 16 (his parents had to sign a permission form). The only goal not met is that he has not worked at Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Although never a pastor, he has been asked to speak at churches and fill in from time to time.  Dr. Matthews was a Navy doctor/officer during Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  He worked at McDonalds to make money during high school and college. He did spend a wonderful summmer working at a toy factory in Charlotte, NC (but did not get to play with the toys much).
16.Trivai - well...She thinks so.
17.Nonsense.  There is no such thing as "majoring" in medical school.  He WAS however interested in becoming an orthopedic surgeon until he learned that "you have to be as strong as an ox and nearly half as smart."

18.Trivia - Dr Matthews prays for each staff member in the mornings by name.  At the end of the workday, he gets a list of the patients seen and uses that as an afternoon prayer list.
19.  Nonsense - She is short enough though. 
20. Trivia - Ryan was born at 28 weeks, 5 days gestation (almost 3 months early) and ended up being born on his father's 27th birthday. Abortions are performed at later gestational ages than this.  Dr Matthews has a picture of Ryan shortly after Ryan got off the ventilator.  In this picture, Ryan is wearing his mother's size 5 wedding ring loosely as a wrist bracelet (see picture below and on home page).


22.Trivia - She has indeed, never been defeated in either of these endeavors.

23.Nonsense - Do you think she is crazy or something?

24. Trivia

25. Trivia - but then again, who isn't 

 26. Trivia - NY, OH, GA, FL, NC

27. False - I have seen a reef shark while scuba diving, but never swam with sharks.

28. Trivia - She almost died, but she made it!

29. Triva

30.  Nonsense.  Actually she has FOUR grandchildren as of this writing 

31. Nonsense - Ryan Matthews graduated medical school in 2016 and is now practicing pediatrics in Loma Linda California.  His wife, Lynn, is a PhD and professor in Marketing 


*Larry, Mao, and Curly Tse Tong


Ryan Matthews
Shortly after getting off of the ventilator.
Wearing size 5 wedding band as a bracelet